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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lifeline Privacy Policy lays forth the procedures for managing and protecting the Personal Details of the User. It is essential for to collect, use and exchange personal details.


The information added to is freely accessible. When operating and maintaining on our Website (when you place an order for a product with us), you may agree to provide us with personal details that will be stored on our servers. We collect and process the following types personal details from you:

  • Email address, contact numbers, and occasionally financial details(depending on the software used).
  • Application login info, information on page visits, traffic to and from, and reaction to advertising.
  • Certain records, including IP address of users and regular site log records.


We use the information we gather from you to connect you with our services. In fact, the information may be used for one or more of the following purposes.

  • Provide our services to you.
  • Resolve conflicts, earn fines, and fix issues.
  • Encourage healthy trade and uphold our policies.
  • Customize User satisfaction and assess trust in our services.
  • Upgrade our infrastructure and remind consumers of programs and changes.
  • Communicate ads and discount packages to you in keeping with your interests.
  • Do other stuff for the users as defined when we collect the details.


It may become necessary to transfer the data we collect from you to third parties when operating our website. You agree to this transfer, storage or processing by providing us with your personal data. We do our best to insure that all appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the data is kept safely. Transfering information over the Internet is not fully secure and may often be intercepted. We can not guarantee the protection of the data that you give us electronically. Sharing these information is absolutely at your own risk / knowledge.


We do not sell or rent personal information of user to third parties for marketing purposes without the explicit consent of users. We may reveal personal details in order to comply with legal requirements, implement our policies, respond to claims that posting or other material infringes the rights of others or protect other person’s privacy, property or protection.


We use a number of resources (encryption, passwords, physical security) to shield your sensitive details from unwanted access and release. All sensitive electronic information would be held confidential by the Provider, excluding those that you want to reveal. It is not acceptable to disclose the contact information of others through the Service.If you breach the rules of your country of origin and / or the conditions of use of the Company, you lose your privacy rights in regards to your personal details.


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